Factors in the Growth of a City

This paper discusses the factors involved in the growth of a city including planning for general growth, the central business district, traffic patterns and manufacturing areas.

This research will discuss three topics: 1) factors in urban growth; 2) the central business district; and 3) the manufacturing areas in the city. All three of these topics have relevance to factors in city planning and specialization.

Factors in Urban Growth
It wasn’t until the development of settled agriculture, which allowed for the production of a sufficiently large surplus of storable food, that the origin of cities began. A small proportion of the total population was able to be freed from the cares of actual food production and this enabled them to live in urban settlements. As developments in technology increased, the efficiency of food production increased allowing even more people to settle in urban developments. As more of a surplus became available, trade began to develop, with the urban developments …