F. Scott Fitzgerald

Traces the literary career and flamboyant lifestyle of this great American author.

This paper provides a brief biography of F. Scott Fitzgerald, from his birth in Minnesota in 1896 to his education at Princeton. It then traces his writing career and his marriage to Zelda through the turbulent Twenties and shows how his extravagant lifestyle affected his personal and professional life. The paper examines the extent of Fitzgerald’s popularity during his life and how he became an icon of American literature after his death.
Fitzgerald did however end up a writer’s writer essay writer australia, looking beyond circumstance and seeing the American dream as a continuing defining characteristic of the American nation and its people and is a recurring phenomenon in each phase, place and guise of Fitzgerald’s imagination of American experience` (Callahan pg). Fitzgerald wrote, `The American story is the history of all aspiration , not just the American dream but the human dream` (Callahan pg). His novels are enactments of the American dream, expressed in love affairs and ambitions of his characters such as Jay Gatsby in `The Great Gatsby”, Dick Diver in ‘Tender is the Night and Monroe Stahr in The Last Tycoon(Callahan pg). Diver, Gatsby, and Stahr are all men with big ambitions, they want to be leaders of men, to be admired, just as Fitzgerald wanted to be a great writer, a writer’s writer (Callahan pg).