Executive Information Systems

An analysis of current market and applications for Executive Information Systems software solutions plus details of a small company and how it benefits when implementing such an executive information system.

The following paper examines how L.L. Bradford and Company, a regional CPA firm, decided to offer its clients full financial services. This paper discusses how such a company that wishes to effectively service their customers and maximize the value of the benefits they can provide, needs to find a software package that can integrate all the existing “legacy systems” on a relational basis, and allow information that previously had been available only to the auditors through their software to become available to all. The writer also examines how L.L. Bradford chose to buy and customize an off-the-shelf Executive Information System called “Goldmine”;which allows all departments to have access to the same customer information, allowing for marketing of services, billing, follow-up and other services the company wishes to provide its clients. This paper goes on to prove that the above is a good example of the benefit of Executive Information Systems, as it shows basically what can be done, and how business and communication between business and clients, departments and management, owners and employees can be facilitated to build business and stimulate growth.
“Internet technologies and applications have grown more rapidly than anyone could have envisioned, even as recently as five years ago. They have opened up new means and frontiers of communication, collaboration and coordination between customers, businesses and trading partners.Executive Information Systems, also known as Enterprise Software is an explosively-growing $23 billion a year sub-industry of software for companies looking to use technology to improve virtually every key corporate function manufacturing, finance, sales, marketing, human resources and supply-chain management. Executive Information Systems, or Enterprise Resource Planning software, solutions are software solutions that provide a common, consistent system to capture data organization-wide to integrate information across corporate functions and to provide tools for planning and monitoring the various functions and processes towards a common purpose. To compete effectively, companies are challenged to create new products, maximize efficiencies in service, processing and administration, and increase penetration within existing markets, all the while keeping customers satisfied with high levels of service which may span several time zones. While the profitability of corporations is typically measured in dollars, overall success can be measured in terms of profitability plus the attainment of organizational goals. This success derives from a synergy of inputs, including the work of employees who are dedicated, skilled and knowledgeable, and a management team that understands how to inspire competent and motivated performance through sensitive and responsive management of a continually changing workplace.”