Everyone goes through a phase during a conversation with someone

Everyone goes through a phase during a conversation with someone, when you have realized that your talking companion was clearly not listening. Looking at their body language, and their eye contact, you can tell they have slightly buried away, and that is when you know they were daydreaming. During high school, I found that I really struggled to concentrate in most of my classes. I was always ahead of my classmates regarding school work and fields of study. I was always extraordinarily interested in learning new subjects and topics that they did not offer them in the classrooms. I would often have an overall knowledge of the subjects they taught and even though these topics were new and exciting to my classmates, they simply were not to me. I had an awareness in the business world and all that concerned. I took a class called, International Business that covered basic business knowledge. My mind often wondered in this class and I was often designated not to listen.
One of the first barriers that I have experienced in business class was lack of interest. When I took a seat and tried to pay attention, my previous knowledge distracted me easily. Once I tried to concentrate on what the teacher was talking about, I already had a pre-existing knowledge of the subject. That knowledge would always lead my thinking process away from my teacher’s dialogue. The strategy that I used to over come to this barrier is, I was trying to pick out of what best suited my interest from topics and themes. I also tried into making my notes more creative and colorful, to make the class at least more enjoyable. Another barrier that I faced during my classes was daydreaming. I have always been in love with books and passionate about movies. I loved reading every chance I got and it was a complete distraction when trying to concentrate during the lesson. I finally managed to read and hear the teacher at the same time, but I was not as accomplishable as I could have been. Therefore, leaving my novels home would have been the best strategy I should have taken upon doing. In conclusion, I believe that I have worked on my effective listening barriers for a better start!