Every weekend

Every weekend, people from all walks of life, every corner of New York ended up at Gatsby’s palace. Especially, no invitation needed! Most of people who come are well-known people such as celerities, millionaires, famous athlete, fop, etc.. As the lavish parties, the guests are served with fresh and high-grade food for instance oyster, lobster, barbecue. Guests are dead drunk frequently because they can’t ignore the expensive, rare wines and cocktails such as Gin Rickey, Old Fashioned, Whiskey, Cognac Jacques. Food and drink aren’t the only things make people become sunk in this party, but they are also music and gamble.
At first, people come to this party because of curiousness. Gradually, the people who come to this party aren’t only to enjoy but they also have their own purposes. C.E.Os find their business partners, rich people show their limited clothes, the heirs compare their heritages, players looking for their one-night stand, and the journalists collect information for our thrilling news.