Europe and the Civil War

An analysis of the effect that the American Civil War had on Europe.

This paper examines how the major countries such as England and France were affected by and involved in the American Civil War. It discusses how the issue of slavery helped draw the French and English into the conflict. It further discusses the economic ramifications of the war on both Europe and America because of the halting of slave trade and goods trade.
“The American Civil War directly affected foreign relations with England and France because neither country could choose between the Union or the Confederacy since they needed both and neither would risk supporting slavery or democracy. Europe during the 1860’s was still drowning with monarchies and aristocracy. They feared and rejected rebellion and internal revolutions but their desire to witness the failure of democracy was much greater than any other. Early in to the war it was apparent that though resistance to new political ideas and legitimate monarchy were the trends in Europe, their sympathy for the aristocratic Confederacy overlooked all else except a minor issue.”