A satirical argument on equality.

This paper humorously examines the steps required in order to form a totally equal society. It looks at how equal opportunity is supposed to ensure that everybody is treated the same, yet this can never be a reality in the current situation. No matter how equally everyone is treated, people cannot help but see the differences. It proposes that the only effective way of ensuring people do not judge others on their differences, is for the differences to be hidden from humans. With individual differences hidden, the black man is treated the same as the Indian and the white man and the woman is treated the same as the man. It also suggests using technology to alter brain patterns to change perception so that the features of people are not noticed by individuals. People will either need to be seen as identical, or not seen at all.
“Another option is for people to be viewed not as themselves, but as identical human constructs. One form of a person can be selected and virtual reality technology used so that each person appears as this construct. It is noted however, that the decision of what form the construct will take, will be a controversial one. If a white man is chosen, this will communicate that the white man is the perfect form. To prevent this, the construct will have to be gender and culture neutral. This may mean having the construct as a combination of characteristics, or having it completely free of characteristics. The construct may be in a form that does not represent any cultural group, such as being purple in color, or it may have no such form, such as appearing like a stickperson.”