English Teaching Methodolodgy – ESL (English Second Language)

This paper explores some of the fundamental principles of teaching English as a second language.

This paper serves as a guide for teaching students English as a second language. It is divided into three parts. The first part deals with the first three weeks of educating a group that has never before learned English. The paper explains the characteristics of the material intended to be taught. It also clarifies what one should do if the students made mistakes and deals with ways of encouraging students to talk. The second part of the paper explores the required environment for second language acquisition and the thirds part discusses factors that are beneficial for second language learning efforts.
“First impressions are important in establishing a good relationship between teachers and students. Foreign students often come to the classroom with many fears. (Cary, 2000) Therefore, it is very important that the teacher establish a friendly, enthusiastic atmosphere free of any negative vibes. (Samway, 1999) Even though the students are afraid, this can be eased by a friendly smile and pleasant small talk. This is especially important before giving any sort of assessment test, which should be given during the first class of the term as part of class orientation.”