Effects of the Internet on Managerial Functions

This paper describes how the Internet has affected how managers plan, organize, lead, control and make decisions.

The paper demonstrates how information technology, mainly the Internet, has affected how managers function and make decisions. It looks at organizations in an open system perspective as information technology being the environment which the organization interrelates with. This paper discusses both the positive and negative aspects of the technology as well as details current uses of information technology in organizations. The findings of this paper are important in understanding how organizations and managerial positions have changed and how they are continuing to change for upcoming managers. The Internet boom definitely affected the organizations that are taking advantage of the new platform but how did this boom affect the employees who manage the organizations? his paper sets out to detail those affects.
“With the Internet boom came an explosion of a new type of business platform. Suddenly organizations everywhere were developing informational websites that were used to grab attention and compete on a new global level. As more and more managers began to recognize the potential of the Internet, websites moved from being informational to being actually functional. Now customers can go online to purchase products, make reservations, submit application forms and much more. The functionality of organizational websites continued to evolve as competition became heavier and expectations of online customers grew. Today because of the fast advances of information technology development, Internet technology has become much more affordable making it more widely available to small and medium sized business. Because of this increase in online competition and the decrease of cost, intranet and extranets are having the largest affect on managerial functions. For the purpose of this paper I will refer to both intranets and extranets as content management systems from this point on.”