Effective Writing Techniques

A look at different methods used for effective writing in public school programs.

A look at the methods employed to teach writing in public schools. The author looks at past paradigms that have been used, the methods that are currently being used and then goes so far as to suggest methods for the future.
“It is interesting to note that the controversy concerning the most practical and effective method of teaching writing in public education has been the subject of debate for over 100 years and that, while various paradigms have been suggested and re-suggested over the years, no definitive solutions have been found. The same complaints and concerns about student writing that were being expressed in the late 1800s are still extant today. And, of course, the methodological question is complicated, as is nearly every other issue in public education, by time and money constraints. It is certain that there is no quick and easy solution, but there are some possibilities, which have enough empirical support to warrant further exploration.”