Educating Migrant Students

This paper examines the education of migrant students in Texas.

This paper presents an examination of the education of migrant students in Texas. The writer outlines the problems and difficulties often encountered by the school age children of migrant workers, both elementary and high school aged. The writer also addresses programs that have been designed to alleviate some of the difficulties and discusses their success and their impact on the students’ educational path.
The most recent Census told the nation what many already knew. Migrants are here to stay. Texas has known for many generations that migrant workers make up an important part of the state’s agricultural work force. The state’s proximity to Mexico coupled with its varied climates statewide make it the perfect place for attracting large migrant populations. The migrant workers talk agriculture jobs that many residents would not accept and they move from area to area to complete them whereas others refuse to uproot their families(Jennings, 1996).