The effectiveness of www.landsend.com and www.ebay.com for their target audiences, including profitability, service, features, recommendations and banner ads.

Even though more and more households are getting high speed Internet connections, there still are those having dial-up. Having dial-up connections is a drawback to those e-commerce sites which have heavy graphics. Some customers will not wait for the downloading times involved with graphic-oriented e-commerce sites. Another drawback to e-commerce is 7) Inability to try on clothes, or feel textures. Even though many e-commerce sites have a measurement and sizing tool on them, there still is the possibility of the item not fitting properly. In a brick and mortar storefront, of course, customers can go into the fitting room to try on the item prior to buying it. The same goes for feeling the texture of an item. This can be done in a brick and mortar storefront, but not on an e-commerce site.