Dyslexia in Children

An analysis of the effects and problems of children with dyslexia.

A paper about children with dyslexia. The author investigates its effects and problems on children who suffer from the disease. Included is a look at the diagnosis of the disease.
“Dyslexia is a problem that we have to deal with, in children as well as adults. It seems that there are more and more cases of dyslexia in human’s everyday, or it could be that we are more aware now of its presence. Dyslexia is easiest to detect when children are in kindergarten through second grade. Studies have been made on children to determine if any presence of dyslexia. Children of dyslexic parents were found to have an increased risk of dyslexia (a 4.3 odd ratio) when dyslexia was defined as poor phonological recording. . (Carsten, E.; Borstrom, I. 1998)”