During my time working incidents

During my time working incidents, accidents and areas of concern will occur. By reflecting on those occurrences and asking myself why it happened, how could it have been avoided, whose fault it was, what could have taken place or reduced the risk of the occurrence, I will be improving my practice and making changes to it, to ensure the same type of incidence can be avoided in the future.
Evaluation of how my practice has been improved through reflection on best practice can be either formal or informal. An informal evaluation may be from a co-worker who has given me feedback on a situation which I have dealt with well. I may then reflect on the situation and consider why it was effective and how I would use the experience to benefit my future practice. A formal evaluation may come from a training session I have attended, where I have learnt a new skill which can then be used in my work. I can then reflect on where I might use this new skill and how it could improve situations.