Drug Experimentation and Crime

Study of the correlation between drug experimentation and crime among juveniles into adulthood.

This research paper attempts to discover a relationship between juvenile drug experimentation and later criminal behavior in order to determine if youthful drug experimentation is actually a causative factor in juvenile and adult crime.
“This issue is important because existing research does not provide sufficient information for public policy on crime to be formulated on the basis of youthful drug experimentation’s influence. There are, however, certain things already known. First, a male property offender tends to be born into a low-income family with criminal parents. He is raised with poor child-rearing techniques, and in schools has either low attainment or low intelligence. Moreover, the commission of property offences, such as theft and burglary, are often associated with violence, drug use, excessive drinking, reckless driving and sexual promiscuity. (Farrington 1987) This study could close that gap, making the connection between drinking and drug use clear regarding such use by juveniles and their development into criminals as adults.”