Driver’s Licenses for Immigrants

This paper discusses the pros and cons of laws to grant driver’s licenses to all immigrants, regardless of their immigration status.

This paper explains that the current licensing procedures are compromised by loopholes and fraud, placing the public at a security risk. The author points out that law enforcement officers express a strong need to ensure safety on public roads by licensing all drivers, regardless of the legality of their residence. The paper concludes that, given the reality that a license is now much more than a license to drive, both the Driver’s License Integrity Act and the Visa and License Integrity Act would best serve the need of lawful aliens and temporary visitors, while guarding against abuse from potential wrongdoers.

Table of Contents
Obtaining a Driver’s Licenses
License to Drive
Arguments against Licensing
“Rep. Jeff Flake of Arizona has also sponsored the Visa and License Integrity Act. This bill will prevent federal government agencies from accepting licenses as identification documents issued by states that do not tie license expiration to the expiration of an alien’s visa. Flake believes that these bills are common sense, cost-effective ways to address this problem without placing additional burdens on U.S. citizens. Both bills are currently being debated in their appropriate committees.