Down the River

An analysis of environmentalist Ed Abbey’s book Down the River.

This paper reviews the American writer Ed Abbey’s book, “Down the River.” It describes how Abbey gives a lyrical and compelling portrait of the beauty of the American Southwest and the Colorado River. The paper illustrates how the book includes discussions of authority, power and social conscience, but concludes, it is ultimately a fervent appeal to protect nature from the ever-encroaching hand of man.
“One of the greatest strengths in Down the River is Abbey’s almost unwilling and unwitting lyricism. His love of the land comes through clearly and unequivocally through in his text. Certainly, no one would ever accuse Abbey of being a truly great literary figure, but there is certainly an element of the profound and lyrical to his work in Down the River. He is passionate, articulate, and his clear love of the land rings through clearly. It is this passion and conviction that ultimately makes Down the River an engaging and interesting work.”