Dona of Guanajuato and the Basilica

A summary of the story “Dona of Guanajuato” and the life of the main character.

This paper discusses the life of Dona Pasoe, daughter of Ferdinand Morelia. The paper describes her stay at the convent, looks at her marriage to Marco Pasoe and discusses how she worked on the basilica she wished her husband would create how to write an essay for application to college. The paper then describes how her husband took her design and created the basilica that became famous everywhere as a magnificent work of art.
“Of all Latin America, Guanajuato was one of the richest cities. Dona Pasoe had lived much of her early life in the city with her father, Ferdinando Morelia, until he had decided to send her away to the convent in the countryside, far away from the close knit streets of Guanajuato. Her mother had died in childbirth and her father who had inherited the family’s abundant silver mines had been much too busy for her.
Dona remembered how she had been sent away. She had had a nurse those many years ago, an old, plump woman who loved to sing during the bright sunlight hours of the afternoon when much of the Morelia house was empty except for the servants who were much too busy to be bothered with her singing. But Dona did not like to sit in the house all day long, watched by the nurse, so one day she decided to escape. When the nurse was getting together a meal for her, Dona rushed out of side door of her father’s large house onto the narrow alleyway.