Divorce in the African-American Community

A look at the factors influencing divorce rates within the African -American community.

This paper examines the thesis that economic deprivation is the major factor that has seriously eroded the institution of marriage within the African-American community. It also explores how it is the changing family structure that has also created economic and social implications. It attempts to show how any effort at remedying this dismal picture would necessitate a revival on the economic front for which education holds the key.
“In general the level of education among the African Americans is relatively low. In 1998 they composed 13% of the US population but only 7% managed to get their bachelor degree. [Arizona State University]. The scarcity of jobs implied an economic catastrophe for the African American community and this problem was compounded by the breakdown of the extended family structure into separate households barring them from any kind of support, which an extended family would offer. Poor economic status of the male partner has also created female family heads (change in family structure) and increased instances of single parenthood. [Williams et.al ]”