Discipline is an ever ending problem in modern schools Discipline is the responsibility of the teachers and not parents

Discipline is an ever ending problem in modern schools

Discipline is the responsibility of the teachers and not parents ?School discipline is a system consisting code of conduct, punishment and behavioral strategies to regulate students and keep school and classroom in order by teachers and it has to be followed by home discipline by parents to well implant the discipline in the students. Some people believe that discipline will be taught only in schools and it is the teachers responsibility while other people believe that only parents must handle the responsibility of disciplining the children. In my opinion, we cannot just appoint one of both parents and teachers to be responsible for students discipline, but a teamwork – between educators and parents – should be well-established because, If discipline is being taught only by teachers and not followed by home discipline by parents, students won’t be as discipline as they should be outside the school and they will learn how to fake their attitude during their time in school until they leave it and start behaving in undisciplined manner and vice versa. And in this case, fake discipline will be implanted in the students instead of self-discipline. And If parents are not cooperating with teachers, it will lead to a many disciplinary problems and for example, if parents are confronting the teachers in front of their students for minor issues, pupils will be encouraged in indirect way to defy their teachers. And if there’s no communication between parents and teachers, students can lie and make lame excuses to avoid the punishments of misconduct and negligence and for example, the student can spend his/her time at home in playing or doing anything else instead of doing their homework or assignments by simply lying about the deadlines of the particular homework or assignment or not informing the parents about any assignment at all. And to avoid the punishment at school, the students can lie once again by giving any false excuses about parents’ shortening or home circumstances which prevented them from doing the homework or assignment.
Firstly, more controls about students’ actions, habits, discipline, attitude and moral behavior in the school and appropriate regulations are needed in order to discipline the students. Schools, which essentially have a function to guide children not only about the academic skills but also about their attitudes including discipline, should clearly understand their role. As we all know, pupils spend their time a lot in school, which implies that their characters are being built in its environment. They go along with their friends, teachers and school circumstances, which sometimes teacher do not realize that they go too far and here is a few points that teachers needs to take under consideration; Some of the students will learn how to lie in school because they try to escape from any punishment given by their teachers. And some of the students try to disobey the strict rules which put them on pressure. Moreover, modern schools have a great deal of information technologies that can ease students to access everything which is not supposed to be done and for example, students can easily use the schools technologies to watch gang’s fights and all types of crime such as drinking alcohol, drugs, robberies, murders and other worse things. Indirectly, it can also stimulate them to get lack of discipline.
In contrast, those examples can bring pupils to the wrong way, but only few educators carefully recognize this as a problem. understandably, it is impossible for teachers to specifically control each and every student in school but a thoughtful monitoring as much as possible is enough to ensure the students’ discipline.
Secondly, Classroom control and learning efficiency are products of good teaching. And the method of teaching can impact the students’ discipline in a different ways. And respect is a more desirable molder of behavior than fear. Some teachers are intimidating their pupils and keeping them in continuous fear and if one pupil made a mistake, mass punishment must be applied. This method creates an unhealthy learning environment for the students and will definitely impact the student’s discipline in an undesirable way. And some teachers doesn’t intimidate the students but they tend to make a frequent provocative and depressing remarks which will shutdown the students and will negatively impact the students’ self-discipline. For instance, (this is the poorest class ever, you don’t know what the word study means, you will never success in your life), etc. And this type of teachers, oftentimes finds themselves in an undesirable learning situations as what should have developed into a sequence of pleasant and valuable learning experience, had deteriorated into a series of disagreeable and injurious personal tensions. The best teaching method is when the teacher respect their pupils and keep them interested in learning by motivating them and explaining everything in a respectful manner with a little sense of humor and handling the learning situations in an appropriate way. This method helps pupils to have better self-control and personal self-discipline and an increased ability to stay focused on their objectives. And for example, there was too many different types of teachers in my high school and they use a different teaching methods, but most of us used to be more focused and disciplined in the class of the teacher who uses the above teaching method (the best teaching method). Learning must be made meaningful, interest in learning for which learners see a purpose, provides its own discipline. But in spite of interest in meaning, it must be remembered that some incidents will occur. Skill in handling such occurrences prevent their growth into problems. A friendly attitude with a sprinkling of humor goes a long way toward winning the regard and cooperation of the disciplined class. And the development of mutual understanding between teachers and pupils will help eliminate disciplinary problems.
Finally, In keeping students’ discipline, the parents also play an important role as well. Some parents think it is only the school’s and teachers’ responsibility to handle the entire process of disciplining the students and they should not interfere or participate in this process and this will always lead to a certain disciplinary problems as mentioned above. And some parents knows that it’s their responsibility to help in raising a disciplined children as well as it’s the school’s responsibility but they are too busy with their own careers or businesses which doesn’t allow them or give them the enough time to play this important parental role. And this justification should not be used as it will cause a lack of their children’s discipline. The best way for parents to contribute in keeping students’ discipline is to pay more attention to the children’s behavior and attitude as the parents are the first persons in the children’s life and they are the first educators of them which is why the parents are tasked to initially teach them to have the right manners while growing up and they must know who their children are friends with, and they must take all the required actions to put the children on the right path to a disciplined adulthood. It is important that parents know what their children are facing and feeling outside home. Then they can decide what needs to be done to improve their self-discipline. And Here the sustainable process of what schools have done continues. For example, parents should remind them to do their homework, Or help them in managing time so they will not be late to come to the school. Correspondingly, the importance of obeying the rules should be taught and applied in home.
In conclusion, The problem of who should be responsible of pupils’ discipline is now faced by modern schools. And people are having a different opinions on who is responsible for the students discipline. On one hand, the people who think children’s discipline should be taken care of by teachers see that teachers are well educated and trained on guiding their students as this is a specialty and profession and should be mandated by a certain learning programs that develops the teachers’ capabilities to lead the children’s discipline. On the other hand, the people who think that children’s discipline should be handled by parents see the fundamental characteristic will be observed at home by parents since day one as the parents are the first teachers of the children and they must equip the children with the proper behavior and attitude before the first exposure to school. Discipline for pupils described as a proper behavior including time management, responsibility and also dealing with rules and a perfect discipline will be jointly taught at school by teachers and at home by parents as teachers and parents are two important team members in developing students’ self-discipline and there should be a balance between both of them, because if any of the two parties, teachers or parents, are weaker in terms of discipline, the children always tend to move towards the party that is less disciplined. So both teachers and parents should be disciplined to ensure that there is no hiding place for the child to draw to. And they just has to embrace discipline. So that, as has been noted, a well-established teamwork between both parents and teachers must be set up. In the light of difficulties in educating children to be discipline, either parents or educators need to make a good communication and they need to be supportive in order to find an appropriate way to implant self-discipline in students’ mindset.