Disappearing Moon Caf?

Discusses the nature of the tragic flaw in the novel by Sky Lee, “Disappearing Moon Caf?” on a Chinese-Canadian family.

In the novel “Disappearing Moon Caf?” by author Sky Lee, the nature of the hamartia is found within the inability of the characters in the Wong family to reconcile the conflict that occurs between aspects of their Canadian and their Chinese lives. This is most highly manifested in the character of Suzie Wong, who apparently dies from an illness that is brought on through the accumulated stress provided to her through being asked to conform to both American and Chinese traits and failing to satisfy the demands of either. The hamartia of the Wong family is therefore found in their inability to accept both Canadian and Chinese lifestyle traits and their failure to do so becomes the tragic flaw that results in Suzie Wong’s undoing. This paper explores this topic in order to better define how the hamartia impacted the Wong family’s personal growth and prevented them from truly embracing a combined Canadian and Chinese heritage.