Deviance and Abortion

A discussion of the connection between deviance and abortion.

This paper focuses on why abortion is considered a deviant behavior and what role labeling theory has in this connection. The paper begins by trying to understand exactly what deviance is and how sociologists define the term. The paper shows how deviance is usually a form of anti-social, problematic behavior, and, therefore, abortion could be seen as such a thing.
“When the word Deviance is mentioned somewhere, we automatically assume that some abnormal or eccentric behavioral pattern is under discussion. This is because majority of researchers and sociologists link deviance with socially unacceptable activities and thought pattern. For this reason, most of us use deviance as an essential tool to separate the right and acceptable behavior from its evil counterparts. But the truth is that deviance doesn’t exist in its negative form only, there are certain positive shades to it, which can only be understood if we delve deeper into this subject. Thus the most important thing is to first focus on the way sociologists have defined deviance because this will help us understand why deviance is not always problematic even if most of the activities that fall under its umbrella bear visible signs of non-conformity.”