Delegate of India

Delegate of India:
Requests all Member States to make sure that women and/or girls are empowered and are treated equally by:
Ensuring that:
Discrimination, in any manner, done to women and girls everywhere is ended
Ceasing any harm done to women and girls in the private and public spheres, in case of sexual harassment and illegal smuggling in the form of trafficking and other illegal methods
In all public, political and economic matters, women are given equal opportunities and allowed to take full part in decision-making and other functions that the organization or occupation they have may entail
Eliminating all vulgar and harmful activities like child marriage, early marriage, forced marriage and female genital mutations
Member States adopt legislation or documents that promote gender equality, and empowers women
Increase the use of simple and cheap technology, that is easy to run and repair to empower women worldwide
Bring out reforms, and sanctions where appropriate, that enable women to have full ownership of any kind of resource, be it economic, inherited or of any kind of resource
There is availability of education about reproductive rights and sexual and reproductive health, for females above the age of 13
Implementing Clause 1, Sub-clause a) by:
Increasing domestic resource mobilization, which means that there will be a greater access to basic services for girls and women, slowing down female poverty rate
MEDC’s provide 0.5% of their GNI to the NIC’s, and provide 0.8% of their GNI to the LEDC’s, in order for them to receive the adequate funding they require to finance schemes that promote gender equality and empower women
Provide basic facilities to women like banking, education, electricity, running water and life insurance
Have legislation that helps government’s of various nations to improve the equality between the sexes
Allowing women to help in implementing the Sub-sub-clauses of Clause a)
Requesting organizations such as but not limited to Doctors without Borders and Teachers without Borders to help provide the facilities they are able to
Ensuring a heavy prosecution levied upon anybody who shows violence to a woman or a girl, physically assaults her or sexually harasses her or is involved in or responsible for any kind of illegal trafficking
Ensuring that all kinds of institutes, governmental, educational and medical provide fair and equal opportunities to women
Carrying out campaigns to create awareness and to discourage people to carry out regressive practices such as but not limited to child marriage, and forced marriage
Ensuring transfer of simple, cheap technologies that do not damage the environment from willing developing countries