Cultural Diversity in the Work Place

A discussion of the issues that can arise in the multicultural work place.

A culturally diverse work place is one that includes people from various cultural backgrounds. This paper examines how this difference can be beneficial in the current business environment and the criteria in order to make it succeed. It begins with an explanation of the various sources of competitive advantage related to it followed by a discussion of the characteristics of a successful multicultural organization. It concludes by evaluating the skills required of a manager in order to run a mulitcultural organization efficiently.
“Having a multicultural workforce assists in customer focus because it helps ensure a better understanding of who the customer is. For example, a company consisting only of educated, white males would find it difficult to consider the many different types of customers they are appealing to. In contrast, a multicultural company with a mix of cultures would be better able to recognize the many different characteristics of their target customers. This applies equally within America and in regards to international business.”