Critical Thinking for Marketing Research

A brief discussion of how statistics and demographics can aid market research planning.

This paper shows how statistics can help determine a target audience to aid market research. It uses as an example the Cumberland County SPCA, which needs to know the groups of individuals they want to reach so they can find homes for their animals. It discusses what aspects should be looked at when deciding a marketing plan for pet adoptions, including age, income, type of household and length of residence of the local residents. It provides demographics for Cumberland County and shows that by correct analysis of the available statistics, there are numerous households in the area that can provide loving homes for needy pets.
“Age can be a factor for many reasons. Families with young children may be looking for that first puppy to love and help teach the child responsibility. Young adults just graduating from college may want a kitten for companionship in their first apartment. When the children all leave home, those who are in their 40’s and 50’s may fill the void created by looking at a young dog or cat. The elderly suffering from loneliness after losing a spouse may benefit from an older dog or cat who needs them as much they need it.”