Creation Myths

A look into the similarities and differences of the creation accounts contained in the Bible and the Greek myths of Hesiod and Ovid.

The creation stories of the Bible and the legends written by ancient Greeks Hesiod and Ovid are alike in many respects, but all differ on various issues. The paper explains that the content of the Bible was passed down as oral stories from 2,000 1,500 B.C., but was only written down in 900 B.C. Hesiod wrote in 700 B.C., and Ovid around 8 A.D. The paper shows that the Bible would bear similarities to works of literature that came after it due to the sharing of ideas in literature that was so common at the time.
“Ovid also spoke of multiple ages of man, starting with the perfection of the Golden Age and ending with the horror of the Iron Age. These generations of man were sparked from when either the Creator “made the divine seed” or Prometheus fashioned the earth into the image of the gods. This corresponds to the idea in Genesis that man was created in God’s image.”