Contributions of Alexander Graham Bell

An analysis of Alexander Graham Bell, his period of rapid change and contributions to the revolutionary world.

This paper is about Alexander Graham Bell. The author addresses his early life and his contributions to the revolutionary world. The author discusses the historical context of Bell’s era: the social and psychic needs of people during the time and the developments in communication taking place and how these impacted on Bell’s creation of the telephone.
“Alexander Graham Bell lived in an era of rapid change. Change was occurring in every aspect of life including the economy, population, transportation, and communication. Even the people’s needs and wants were changing. The era that he lived in was called the transportation and communication revolution. Alec is responsible for half of this revolution. His innovations in communication were of a global magnitude. The telephone is the world’s most influential innovation in communication. It revolutionized the way the world communicated. It hastened all aspects of life and made previous method of communication almost obsolete.”