Contribute to raising awareness of health issues

Contribute to raising awareness of health issues.

As a support worker for individuals with learning disabilities, it is vital that I remain vigilant about any health issues that occur, especially if that person is unable to communicate what the problem is.
It is a good idea that the individual has regular support workers, as they get to know the person and will notice any change in them.

Recently I was working with an individual who while doing a normal daily task, appeared confused about what he had to do, which was not like him at all as he usually does the task very easily.

So, with guidance and prompts he finished what he was doing.
I made a record of it in his daily diary, and also a note in the staff communication book so staff were also aware so they could monitor him.

The following day he again struggled with the task and got quite upset. I spoke to him in private and he said he didn’t know why he was having trouble, but did say that he was having a burning sensation when he urinated.

So, I arranged for him to see his GP as soon as possible as I suspected that he had a urine infection, and once tested he did indeed have one, so a course of anti-biotics were prescribed for him to take.

The medication was then entered on to a mar sheet for staff to sign when they had been administered.

His parents were made aware of the situation by telephone, and regular updates was passed on to them as to how he was, and if he was getting better.

After the course of the anti-biotics the young man was back to his normal self and able to complete the task he was struggling with.

His progress was also noted in his daily diary.