Consequence of Cloning

This essay compares the disadvantages and advantages of cloning.

This paper takes a look at the concept of cell membranes and molecules and discusses how they relate to the controversial issue of human cloning. It expands on the ethical issues which human cloning have arisen. The writer then discusses the advantages and disadvantages of cloning and the legal problems related to the issue.
“The subject of human cloning has recently become controversial because scientists are already technologically ready to undertake this revolutionary step into human reproduction. There are many proponents of human cloning who find justifying arguments to start to clone humans. They argue that cloning would alleviate trauma and grief for those who have lost a relative in an accident because a “replacement” could then be created. Further, infertile couples could use cloning techniques to have children; as a result, human cloning would terminate genetic faults in people. Additionally, people who would like to have an image of themselves to live forever could preserve their lives by creating their own clones. Human cloning in general would contribute to research and experiments on human body and scientific limits.”