This paper is a personal essay that discusses the conformity of being a student.

The author states that that he is a student and that governs virtually everything important he does. The author defines being a student as conforming behavior. The author thinks that spotting conformity may be a little like pealing an onion, each layer hides another layer, so that may be hard to discover real personal choice.
“For the most part I have been blind to this conformity. Perhaps that is the nature of conformity, that it requires that people do not make active choices. As I look at pictures of family members, I can see that all the young women in the 1970’s had long straight hair, but all the young women in the early 1960’s had bubble hairdos. I look at the young women around me today, and I don’t see such a pattern. Some have long hair; some have short. Some have medium length hair, but it’s blue.”