Condoms in Schools

Examines educational, medical, ethical, social & legal issues of condom distribution & argues for it in L.A. Unified School District.

Living with the fear of an irresponsible teenager that could become pregnant or acquired a STD is something that too many parents are doing in our times. With the millions that die every year from AIDS alone is enough to scare most parents. That doesn’t even include the millions that acquire the hundreds of other STD’s that are out there. The problem for the parent is not how to stop and cure these diseases or how to slow society from the skyrocketing amount of teenage pregnancies, but it is how to prevent their children from falling into this. It is common knowledge that the use of condoms greatly prevents or eliminates the spread of diseases and pregnancy. That is not the controversy. The controversy is who becomes responsible for teaching and distributing these much-needed condoms to the unprotected teenagers. By the time a child is in High School the parents have given the school system the right to educate and protect there children for over a decade, there is no need for this to end over something a life protecting as condoms.