Comparison of the Greek and Roman Armies

A comparison of the Greek and Roman armies, their conquests and styles of fighting.

This paper compares the Greek and Roman military might. The author looks at the styles and techniques that differed between the two armies and summarizes the features that made the Romans superior and, therefore, victorious.
“It has often been said that Rome conquered Greece but Greece conquered Rome. This means that although the Roman people defeated the Greeks militarily the culture of the Greeks was adopted by the Romans. This is somewhat true in several areas, including art, music, religion, and architecture. However, one area in which the ancient Greeks and Romans differed was their military. This became overwhelmingly evident between the early 3rd and middle 2nd centuries BC when the two nations most commonly associated with early civilization clashed and the Romans proceeded to expand their empire into Greek territory. The Romans came out victorious thanks to their superior unity, the use of the legion formation, and the ability to learn from their past mistakes. For these reasons Rome was the supreme military power in the European region for centuries while Greece only gained superiority for approximately 150 years.”