Comparison of Poetry by Robert Frost and William Wordsworth

An analysis of several of the poems written by Robert Frost and William Wordsworth and a comparison of their styles.

By examining specific poems by Frost and Wordsworth the author of this paper is able to draw comparisons between their two styles and note on differences and similarities. The author notes, for example, that both Frost and Wordsworth maintain the idea that poetry should be written in the natural language, rather than elaborating to make the poems perplexing. Poems analyzed are “The World is too Much with Us” and “The Road not Taken”.
“It is known that Frost will second-guess himself somewhere down the line. Frost imagines himself in the future, discussing his life with others. When “sigh” is written, he admits that he will not say that he took the road less traveled by and that has made all the difference. Instead he will say that there is no right path, just the chosen path. Their differences with their imagination consists of Frost looking to the future wondering what he would say about the path he took, Wordsworth wants to go back in the past.”