Communication in a Nursing Environment

This research paper deals with the subject of ensuring effective communication between nursing staff, their patients and the patient’s family

The following paper proposes that understanding and utilizing body language would be an effective way for a nurse to improve communication. The nature of communication and the importance of body language in the communication process is examined with a focus on how this can be used to assist in communication in a medical set-up. Based on the research in this paper, it is seen that body language can be used by nursing staff to ensure they send the right message to patients and their families and also to ensure the real message and the real state of patients can be understood.
From the research, we can see that body language is an important part of communication and has great effect on communication. From the nursing perspective, we have seen how it can be used to determine the patients and their families real state. We have also seen how the body language of the nurse can be used to ensure that the patients and their family feel comfortable enough to speak freely and communicate the truth.By training and ensuring that nurses are aware of body language, effective communication can be better established. This is especially important because the nature of the situation means that understanding the patient’s state is critical to providing them with correct treatment and also because the nature of the situation means that the patient may not necessarily speak honestly about their conditions.Training nursing staff in the importance of body language would allow them to better communicate with the patients and their families and this in turn, would increase the quality of care that could be delivered, with the quality relating to personal needs as well as medical needs.