Communication and Health Care

This paper discusses the need for effective communications training in health care facilities.

This paper explains that employee training to learn the way to implement and utilize improved communication services will result in improved patient care. The author points out that training should allow employees to feel at ease with computer systems and to use the telephone, especially wireless equipment, as a part of a human information system. The paper stresses that emergency or crisis communication should be addressed in order to prepare for all situations that might occur within a hospital setting.
“Each crisis is categorized by criteria such as employee participation, scope of location and estimated length of crisis, probable effect on operations, public involvement and concern, how often the crisis might occur, and if law enforcement or other emergency teams may need to be involved. The chart even details how to communicate effectively with any possible media. The overall objective of the information is to help hospital staff quickly identify the severity of a crisis and its potential effect on the hospital, so that they may react in a more organized and effective method, which will better prepare each person to respond more effectively to the crisis situation. Members from all levels of the healthcare organization should have an active role in planning the changes within communication.”