Commerical Airline Crew Members: Subject to Security Screening

A paper which argues the need for airline staff to undergo security screening.

A paper which argues that commercial aircrews should be subject to routine airport security screening. Just because someone is recognized as being a regular crewmember gives little credence to whether or not that individual is a planted terrorist. The paper shows that becoming lax with standard protocol is the first indication that the security system is faulty and the precise clue a terrorist looks for in order to know when to strike. The paper looks at the need for tighter security, especially after September 11.
“In light of the events of September 11th, a pertinent element of today’s airline industry is the increased importance of airport security. From frequent bodily searches to passengers removing their shoes to matching each bag with its owner to allowing only ticketed passengers beyond certain points, a renewed vigilance has transformed the security process into something the public believes should have existed long before this point. Still one must ask: Is this all that can be done, or do the airlines need to focus upon their own employees as an added measure of precaution?”