An evaluation of how chocolate in moderate doses can actually improve quality of life.

For years, chocolate has been looked down upon as unhealthy, deemed a candy, slapped with myths and fallacies and prohibited from small children. This paper attempts to prove otherwise by showing how chocolate has been shown to lift depression, help your heart and aid alertness among other benefits and if used properly, chocolate can be a delicacy and a medicine. It examines all aspects of chocolate possible from its production from the cocoa bean, to physiological effects on the brain and body to side effects such as obesity and dental problems.

Table of Contents:
A Brief Review of Cocoa
The Cacao Tree (Theobrom Cacao)
What is in the Cocoa Bean?
Making and Eating Chocolate
State of the Art of Cocoa
Is Cocoa Good for You?
Burden of Proof
Chocolate as a Fat
Effects on Blood Lipids
What is OK?
Chocolate, Health and Disease
Chocolate Craving
Immune Function
Other Disorders
Dental Caries
Serum Cholesterol
Heart Health
“Cocoa takes it a step further though. Not only does it provide energy for our actions. It supplies chemicals for our personalities and moods. Modern psychology leads us to believe that every thought, every idea that pops into our head is simultaneously a biological reaction. This biological reaction takes the form of chemical processes within our brains. Our mind then interprets these chemical compounds as thoughts, ideas, smells, tastes, touch, etc. Our thoughts, or chemicals compounds within our brain can determine how we feel, our motivation, our goals, our entire lives hinge upon our thoughts, for what are we but what we do. And before we do anything, we must think it. We must have considered it at some point or been subconsciously predisposed to an action or idea.”