Child Abuse: The Wrong Cure

Paper on child abuse, including statistical information and a special look at psychological traumas suffered by children of abusive parents.

This paper discusses child abuse and statistics regarding this phenomenon. Some historical perspective is given to explain the roots of child abuse. The author devotes attention to psychological damage inflicted upon children.
“Each day that we sit here blinded by our own reality three children die in the hands of abusers (Parents facing up to child abuse 1). The general definition of child abuse is nonaccidental injuries as a result of physical assault or the failure to protect the children by their caretakers (Wolfe 15). It’s common knowledge that child abuse is the nations number one killer of children under the age of five. In 1998, about 900,000 children in the United States were confirmed to have been abused. In 1999, the state of Texas had 39,488 confirmed victims (Parents facing up to child abuse 1).”