Changing the Marketing Focus

How a company strategically changes from a traditional marketing approach to customer targeted marketing.

Examines what changes a company needs to make in order to change its marketing focus onto the consumer and away from traditional marketing strategies. The paper addresses the difficulties of this approach and explains that the concept is still new in the advertising world. It provides a step by steps guide as to how to go about this change – identifying future trends, adapting technologies and entering markets through the media.
“Many companies are making a strategic change from the traditional marketing approach to “customer targeted marketing.” Customer targeted marketing is based upon the idea of consumerism, which is based on “consumer behavior.” (Day, 1999) Consumer behavior is the focus of consumer research that is conducted for the use of various techniques and strategies, such as focus groups, in-depth interviews, customer surveys, attitude testing, and more to obtain information about consumers for more effective marketing of a product or service.”