Question 1: How do you think Haris will feel after his first day of work?
Answer: After Haris’s first day of work at Zumaju Sdn. Bhd. maybe he feels a little bit stressful because his first day of work getting worse because he slept in the office. Haris become more worry because he give the first impression to his manager by looking crumpled and not smart as a newbie at the company.

Question 2: What a proper plan to do for Haris’s first day of work?
Answer: In the first day of work and you get to employer’s front door stop, take a breath and remember you are there because you are the right person for the job. The important thing, Haris must remember is have a positive attitude. When you are meeting new people think about the impression you are making. Stand tall, smile and be positive when you are talking to them. If you get nervous meeting a new people, think of some good conversation starters to break the ice. Consider asking them who they are, what are they position in the company, ask a little bit about their interest. It can make you feeling comfortable with them. The next point is, Haris must dress professionally. You should never underestimate. The importance of dressing professionally in your new job and in the beginning, even if your department has casual days, you should dress professionally because you never know when you’ll be called to meet a top manager or key client. Next, don’t be embarrassed or ashamed to ask questions. Your co-workers were once new to the office as well so they will sympathize with your first day plights. Pick their brains and absorb as much knowledge as you can. It’s better to be inquisitive early than to make silly mistakes after you have been employed for a few weeks.

enhancing the proper attire and the last one an interview must set up the time punctually. The interviewers must use a structural interview. Will using a set of predetermined question and it’s easier to agree each other in the assessment of a candidates. Next, have guideline. Interview session is effective, have good attributes and several factors to be considered.