Career Choice

A study on the importance of career planning and why the author of the paper chose business administration as a career choice.

The paper shows that in today’s fast changing world, where a secure life long career or job can no more be guaranteed or taken for granted, career and life planning at an early age has become crucially important for ones success and well-being in life. It explains how one has to be proactive and take charge of one’s life instead of reacting to the circumstances. The author of the paper explains the reasons he chose Business Administration (Management/ International Business) as a career. He discusses the importance of business administration and describes his career and personal objectives and the labor market trends in this field.
“The next important process in career planning is setting up your long-term and short-term goals. In practical terms, this would mean deciding about what work you would like to do, now, in 2 years from now and 5 years from now. In my case, I have decided to make my career in Business Administration and Management. As far as my short-term and long-term goals are concerned, I am quite certain about them. My short-term goal is to find an entry-level Management position in a corporation engaged in International business. My long-term career goal is to become the best in the business. I realize that the long-term goal that I have set for myself is ambitious but I believe that if the aim is not high enough, a person does not challenge him/herself to the limits of his/her capabilities.”