Capstone Checkpoint Com 220

Capstone Checkpoint

Finishing my research paper was fun. I learned a lot while completing communications 220. The toughest part of this course is the research paper. Everything you do is step by step in this class. The hard part is selecting a topic that is best suited for this class and transforming that into a creative persuasive essay. When picking your topic I would suggest a topic that is not too broad. There are so many conflicting issues about certain topics such as the War in Iraq. Pay close attention to the assignments and learn apa format as this will help you in this class. Utilize the research tools in the University of Phoenix library and center for writing excellence. This will help you draft a good research paper and the tools will help you correct common grammatical errors.
If I were just starting this course I would do a few things differently. First off I would choose an easier topic. When talking about the war in Iraq, there are so many timelines that performing research got a bit tedious and disorganized. The second problem with this topic is that information you may find at one source may be different in another. This is in part due to the high amount of anger toward the Iraq war throughout the United States and the world. It was a very tough topic but there are things I could have done to make it a lot easier. It is something that I will remember as I complete future courses. I would focus more on choosing a better topic and subtopics and less on actual research.

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