Capital Punishment

capital punishment

I totally disagree with capital punishment for several reasons.
First, its another killing in the name of justice. No one have a right to kill another person except god. Not only a catholic but an normal person, I think its an brutal act in the 21th century. We are saying world peace, human right thing, on the other hand, we have a system to kill another human being legally. Its an irony. We need law and order to sustain our country and society. maybe those are essential but killings is an unjustifiable in any reasons. In korea, especially during 1970s and 1980s, we call, military government. a lot of people was killed by the government legally in terms of national safety law. as of spy of north korea. Of course the victims were mostly innocent people.
Second, because of human error. Judges are human too. So they can make mistakes that cant never come back and very important destiny to anyone. we heard a lot of misjudgemnet in the news. Who can compensate it “Oh oh, Im sorry and its okay. we can do that. and for victims family its an unthinkable pain. they have an unforgetable wound in there mind for life. there is an korean proverb saying when sons and daughters die earlier than their parents, then the parents bury them in their hearts. And society is responsable in a part for crime.
Third, we have a substitute, life imprisonment and there is no proof that capital punishment prevent felonies. In USA 1000th victims was executed since 1976. Korea also have this system and criminals sentensed to capital punishment. So we dont have felonies in USA or Korea It mean this cant prevent crimes. Thats why we have no more reason to keep this system.
Many countries, especially, located in the western europe. have been abolished this old customs. Eventually they have realized that having capital punishment is not any more reasonable and effective system. Only a few countries like USA, Korea, and Japan still have it. I cannot say abolishing capital punishment has a clear proof of diminishing felonies, but. this has more cordially manner for human being. I am not saying we need a mind of jesus. I am saying humans are deserved to choice their destiny humanly. I hope some day we had this human respect system.