Socrates. Aristotle. Dont these names sound familiar These two are Greek and Roman philosophers that are known worldwide. Today, their quotes are recited all over the world, translated into hundreds of different languages. There are even a few common ones that you hear everyday!

Under the rule of tyrants and one sided monarchies, democracy came off to a start in Athens, Greece. Democracy is a system where you have citizens take part in the debate and submittal of laws. A man named Draco, helped promote democracy back in the day, but used the system to his advantage to get people to vote for him to be the leader. Soon, Draco got obsessed with all the power and started to make unfair laws that were too harsh. Slowly, he began to care more about himself then the people that he was governing over. It was just like having a tyrant rule the city-state all over again! Soon, Draco was overthrown by people who were the first of the many reformers of democracy. Citizens are a big part of democracy. It is important for citizens to be a part of law-making and debate. All citizens are a part of their community, and they should show that they are a part of it by doing favors to return to the community. Today, we have republican parties and democratic parties. A Republic is where you have a group of people representing the people, while democracy is having the people represent themselves. Pericles is a strong believer and always believed that people should do things to help the community. Being part of the community and helping your community helps make it better. Today, we have people who do community service to help out their community. Some people think that doing community service is boring, but its actually really fun! When you do it with a friend, it becomes a time to socialize. Community service can also be a time to meet new people in your community!