Can a Person Find Opportunity in Getting in Trouble.

I believe it is true that a person can always find opportunity in getting in trouble. A person going through something troubling can always find opportunity to do something good if they try. Michael Vick is a prime example of a person who found opportunity when in trouble and Malcolm X is also.
Michael Vick was incarcerated for animal abuse. He was fighting dogs on his property and killing them if they loss a fight. When he was convicted many people and also himself thought that his life as he knew it was over, he did not expect to be playing for another football team, let alone be a star for a winning team. He did not expect people to forgive him for what he did but that did not differ him from becoming a better person. While he was in jail he continuously tried to prove how sorry he was for his actions even though he could not do much he apologized many times to the NFL, to his family and also to the many young kids that looked up to him. When he was released from prison a few months early for good behavior he was signed by the Philadelphia Eagles and he traveled around Philadelphia and speeches to kids about the things that he did and how bad they were. So as you can tell from Mike Vicks life there is a such thing as finding opportunity in being in trouble.
Malcolm X went through many things mostly bad before he became the inspirational person that he was. Before he became that person, he was just another small time criminal, by 1942 Malcolm was coordinating various narcotics, prostitution and gambling rings. In 1946 Malcolm X and a friend was arrested and convicted on burglary charges, and Malcolm X was sentenced to 10 years in jail. While in jail he spent his time reading books and educating himself, he turned his life around when he turned his life to the Islamic religion. When he was released from jailed he had a totally different train of thought he was appointed as a minister an national spokesman for the Nation of Islam. He also played a huge part in the civil rights movement he used a different plan than most but it worked. He became an opportunist and it all started from getting himself in trouble with the law, and now he is looked up to as one of the most influential and greatest African Americans in history.

Both of these men were incarcerated but while in jail they booth found opportunity to change their lives for the better. They made their lives better and also many other people in the worlds lives.