California History

Examines issues pertaining to the land, water, and air in the history of the State of California.

This paper examines the importance of land in California, beginning with its division by the Mexican government before the area joined the Union, until the present day demand for land due to a growing population. The paper discusses problems relating to the land in California and other aspects, such as air pollution, water supplies, and the automobile industry.
“There are simply too many people in California for the available water, and so water projects have grown up all over the state to meet the needs. The Central Valley Project helped turn the Central Valley into one of the most successful agricultural areas in the country, and the Feather River Project brought water to many parts of the state – even as far south as San Diego County from as far north as Sacramento (Rolle 637-643). Clearly, relying on far-off water supplies can be dangerous. The water has to travel great distances, and it costs millions of dollars to construct the aqueducts to carry the water. All these costs are passed along to the consumer in higher water prices.”