Business Strategy for an Engineering Company

Outlines a management and operations strategy for an engineering consulting firm.

This paper discusses a business strategy for an engineering consulting company that inspects refineries, petroleum storage facilities, and petroleum processing facilities (pipelines). The paper talks about the skill level required of the company employees, the objectives of the business, the need to understand some of the potential problems in this type of business in order to keep costs down, the need for standard operating procedures, and the environmental and worker safety considerations.
“The organization considered for this project is a engineering consulting company performing for non-destructive testing (NDT). The company’s role is to inspect refineries, petroleum storage facilities and petroleum processing facilities (pipelines). It is assumed that the company will be established in Texas where the requirements for these services are in high demand. During the initial stages, the organization will concentrate its efforts in the contiguous geographical regions of the U.S. Once the company has established itself and has generated a stable client base in the U.S., the company may consider operations globally. The time line set for the global operation will be approximately 5-8 years after the company’s initial launch.”