Business Model, Culture, and Structure

Catherine Higgins
BUS/210, Week 6, Assignment
Prof. Daniel McCullum, University of Phoenix
July 31, 2011

Business Model, Culture, and Structure

Occasions, Event Planners, Inc. is a business based on customer service and cost effectiveness. In our efforts to create value for our clients, we first determine the clients needs. Based on the needs, our staff will plan and create the event time lines and production schedules. Working as a team, utilizing all our resources and expertise, we will manage operations and coordinate all aspects of the event, executing, monitoring, and evaluating every detail down to the final wrap up. Our well-rounded, highly skilled teams are not divided into Sales and Operations, so our clients will work with one primary contact from event inception through wrap up. Internally, working as a team, we collaborate on all facets of each event down to the last detail. This business model provides our clients with exceptional service supported by a superb team, producing successful, outstanding, and customized events and programs to satisfy every entertainment need. We believe that job performance backed with extraordinary customer service and dedication to customer satisfaction will enable us to build a solid and loyal customer base on which we can build and grow.

In the service industry, such as Occasions, trust and confidence are essential elements for both our staff and clients. We have established a corporate culture in which open communications is the central theme, and we encourage the exchange of ideas, suggestions, comments, and concerns between team members and their team leader, as well as between teams and management. The industry is fast paced and ever changing. Remaining open to innovative ideas, streamlined methods of production, and inspiring the creative process is critical in enabling us to add value for our clients by offering fresh new themes and alternative custom approaches to every entertainment need. As part of our corporate culture we believe in integrity, passion, accountability, creativity, quality, and professionalism. (1) We strive to inspire every employee to achieve and demonstrate these qualities in performing at the highest standards, doing the best possible job, and growing to full potential within the organization. Our keys to success include the commitment to quality by every person who is part of the team. Each of us will be responsible to push ourselves to a higher level of professionalism in three areas:

Consistent, accurate fulfillment of the clients wishes.

Competitive pricing for the quality of services offered.

Significant profit made on each event planned. (2)

Our business structure revolves around teams that can effectively work together, support each other and be successful in executing every aspect of an event. We offer incentive programs and performance bonuses both on individual and team levels. Each team has a team leader that is responsible for training and supervising. Team leaders report to general managers, and together they schedule monthly meetings to evaluate performance and find ways to improve service, incorporate new products, and add value for our clients. General managers are responsible for setting team goals, providing support, as well as maintaining sales and production operations in a cost effective, profitable, and marketable format. General managers will report directly to the corporate team of executives including Sales & Marketing, Operations, Finance, and Production after the completion of every event to review its success according to company standards. This formula will guide our company to excellence, providing top quality service and products that will surpass the current industry standards.

In the enforcement of the highest standards on every level within this organization, we will position ourselves as a leader in the industry with a loyal client base creating repeat business as well as building a reputation for exceptional service and delivery. Our reputation as dedicated, innovative, passionate, committed, and reliable will help entice new clients and grow our business to a level of unprecedented success and profitability.