Business Communication Trends

Business communication play a variety of role in my day-to- day work activities. I have several ways to communicate with internal and external business partners. The basic ways I communicate is via email, telephone, or fax. Most companies such as the one I am employed at offers a database called the intranet, this tool is helpful in the event you are trying to locate and employee; it provided names, location, department, organization charts, and other helpful information like calendar of events. Companies also offer internet services to work with external business partners, such as government agency, and banks.
Those type of communication tools can help daily activity and productivity, by saving time and getting adequate information by going directly to the internet to retrieve the information. Some trends I have seen over my career path at workplaces was the upgrades of technology; enhancing the way work is done and upgrading to state of the art equipment. Other trends I have recognized was the outsourcing of the different departments. Five to ten years ago it was unheard of the call a local company for customer service to find the person you are speaking to is in another country. Now days it is common to call your credit card company or mortgage company and get someone from India or Manilla on the other end.
Other trends I see today that have changed over the past five years are the beefed up data security. At one point you could been able to search certain sites on the internet, but with all of the social networks and gossips website they are very strict with what site you are entering. This can be for several reasons and virus protection is one of the major reasons. Because I work for a company with high profile clients, with sensitive and personal information we cannot send out any outgoing emails that contain numbers unless we mark the subject line with certain characters.

In conclusion, business communication is somethings everyone use on the job, with modern technology and different communication techniques it will only increase with time.

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