Business Communication Trends

Business Communication Trends



Business Communication Trends

Communication plays an essential role in all businesses. In fact, businesses depend on communication in order to conduct their everyday business. People must communicate with each other, customers, vendors, workers, and other companies in all aspects of business. All information or services are delivered by communication and it is the way that all people involved in a business gets their point across and gets their work done.
Communication in a business may take place in many different ways. Some ways are face-to-face communication, e-mail, blogs, telephone conversations, meetings, memos, letters, and many other forms. There is verbal communication and non verbal communication. An example of non verbal communications may be pictures or graphics.
All of these forms of communication are essential for managing our day-to-day activities at work. We all need to communicate with one another as well as people outside of the organization in order to conduct our business. It is essential that we are all good communicators when we are conducting business so messages are relayed clearly to other people inside and outside of the organization. Poor communication can lead to problems in the workplace and cost the company time and money and can lead to legal problems.
A trend on business communication that I have used in a previous workplace is email and faxes. Email and faxes have replaced sending a letter through the mail. These two methods have significantly reduced companies costs of envelopes and postage. Technological advances have allowed for both of these methods to transmit information much quicker than before. Emails allow us to send a message to as many people as needed at the same time. Emails and faxes can be saved in specified folders and provides us with documents that we can have on hand at any time.
Another trend in business communication that I used is video conferencing and tele- conferencing. These two methods allow companies to communicate with other businesses and have meetings with other companies, including companies in other countries, using video and tele-conferences. In a company that I worked for, myself and a group of co-workers had a conference with another company in China every other Monday. This method of business communication allowed us all to discuss the issue at hand as if we were sitting in the same room. These methods have saved companies the cost of air travel and allows different companies to communicate with each other more frequently in group settings at low costs.
Teamwork is a trend that companies need to have to conduct their business. The workers, managers, upper management, and outside people should work together to get the most productive results in any business. Good teamwork between everyone involved produces great results for the company. This is a result of good communication between everyone involved in a business.

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